What are Magic Mushrooms Spores

This section of the site is a real treasure trove of psilocybin mushroom spores from all over the world. Here you will find strains of “magic mushrooms”, which are easy to grow, while for experienced shroomers we have reserved a real exclusive, the rare spore moulds of “panes” and “cubensis”, which require more experience and knowledge in mycology, as well as considerable time and care. But the labor of cultivation is more than compensated for by the extremely psychoactive end product. “Impressions” on display contain thousands of microscopic spores and, with a sensible approach, will help produce stunning results.

The impression will help the ethnobotanist to make the suspension and give a touch of the amazing – “Magic Mushroom Kingdom”. In our shop, you can buy spore prints of the rarest strains found by explorers and travelers. Each of the prints is made under sterile conditions and sealed in a ziploc.

What should I do with a print?

If taken seriously, cultivating psilocybin mushrooms will be within the reach of even the inexperienced mycologist. One of the best known methods is to sow the spores on a grain substrate and then move it into an airtight container.

Psilocybe is prone to capriciousness and “shows its temper” when temperature and humidity levels are not respected. The recommended temperature (range), in which these “magic mushrooms” feel best, is between +22 and 28 degrees Celsius. More experienced shroomers increase the psychoactive and yieldfulness of the fungus by using a substrate based on dried horse dung and hay for cultivation.

Sterility is considered a key factor which, if not respected, provokes a risk of crop failure. Maximum cleanliness must be maintained at every stage (preparation of the slurry, sowing and planting in the container). This applies to the room, the instruments, and the hands of the mycologist himself. The slightest “sneeze” towards the open fungus can cause disease, mould and other “infections”. A special selection of articles and instructions for the novice botanist have been prepared on the Ganja live forum, whose strict observance will lead to the desired result: a harvest of real “guides” to the world of the Subconscious, abstract visions and spiritual discoveries.

How to store magic mushrooms and spores?

Store magic mushroom spores in a warm, dry place out of direct sunlight. A drawer, cupboard or fridge can be used. There are certain rules for storing dried mushrooms. In most cases, they should be kept in a cool and dark place and used as needed. Connoisseurs of “unusual journeys” through the boundless expanse of the Spiritual World have learned to make pills from dried raw materials, and also manage to keep the mushroom bodies fresh by pouring honey on them.

Consumption of magic mushrooms

Psilocybe is consumed on an empty stomach for ceremonial purposes, as well as for distant journeys through the world of the Subconscious. The more experienced wanderers and shamans fast for days and sometimes weeks, restricting themselves to meat and animal products, and not eating heavy foods. Alcohol is in no way compatible with travel. Its effects are detrimental and lead to unpleasant feelings, causing psychological discomfort, referred to as “Bad Trip”. Other intoxicating substances are also not recommended for combination with psychedelic travel.

Note! Indians, after taking a magic potion, smoke a pipe of tobacco. It is said to drive out harmful entities from the environment and human energy bodies and clears the way for “going to the World of Spirit”.

Ripened bodies are consumed raw and dried. They are brewed decoctions and eaten leisurely. The effect usually sets in after half an hour and is divided into several interesting and exciting stages:

10-20 minutes – the colours take on brighter tones, the depth of colour becomes accessible to the eye, and a multitonality of tones becomes discernible. The inner dialogue subsides and time slowly begins to slow down, absorbing the fussiness of thoughts and reactions to them.

20-30 min – distinct visions start flying in front of the gaze, the space is seen through millions of refractions of harmoniously composed Mandala pattern. It is set in smooth and continuous motion by the invisible balance of the Universal Law responsible for constant oscillation of Being and changeability of all visible and living things. All the senses reach a peak disclosure, the dance of refractive patterns takes full possession of attention, and the filter that constricts human perception is gone. The flow of time fades smoothly and a slight dizziness is felt.

30-40 minutes – a pleasant wave of “Living” fire pours over the body, sweeping away all obstacles, doubts and useless attitudes that have been established throughout life. Joy and euphoric positive vibes help you to attune with your higher self and experience spiritual ecstasy.
Most people who have taken magic mushroom decoctions in ceremonies in Mexico have described the effects of taking psilocybin mushrooms as the only highly spiritual experience they have ever had.

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