Mushrooms A Different Type Of Crop

Mushrooms are not like your typical garden plant.  Different conditions are required to successfully grow mushrooms.   While plants use photosynthesis to develop, mushrooms receive their source of energy from the growth medium.

Another difference found in the production of mushroom is they reproduce asexually by spore and sexually by way of underground growth.   One of the challenges in growing mushrooms is the potential of airborne microorganism contamination.

The active culture of a growing mushroom is referred to as Mycelium.  The mycelium or culture is put on a substrate for seeding.  This process is referred to as inoculation.   Another type of inoculation is spores.   Spores are not as developed as mycelium.  Spores should only be handled in a lab setting under a laminar flow cabinet.

Various substrates are used for growing various types of mushrooms.   Some substrate options includes sawdust and logs.   Cultivation of different types of mushrooms has specific details about how to achieve success in cultivation.

Atmospheric conditions are essential to successfully growing mushrooms.  Continuous monitoring and adjustments to maintain the recommended atmospheric condition is vital in mushroom production.

Following the established guidelines mushroom cultivation will provide for a rewarding harvest of delicious mushrooms.

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