Selecting An Exotic Mushroom For Cultivation

There are several different types of exotic mushrooms that can be gown in your home or garden today.  Some of these species include blue oysters, pom pom blanc, maitake, enoki, reishi, and morel mushrooms.

Anyone can grow mushrooms of the exotic type.  Today there are commercial kits available to get you started in the process of growing mushrooms.

When deciding which type of exotic mushroom you want to cultivate there are several things that should be considered.

  1.  Space.  You will need to look at the space you have available for mushroom cultivation.  Larger quantities of mushrooms can be grown outdoors as compared to indoor space.  Small spaces on a porch, den, or a corner in the kitchen can be used for indoor cultivation.
  2. Exotic mushrooms require shade.
  3. Consider your taste and texture preference.  Each exotic mushroom has its unique texture and flavor.  Select the type you like best.
  4. Consider the price for the different types of exotic mushroom growing kits.

Kits are a great way for the beginner to get started with mushroom cultivation.   The process is well outlined and the kit usually has all the materials needed for mushroom cultivation.

After you have gained confidence with obtaining a harvest of mushrooms from your purchased kit you can look at other types of mushrooms cultivations.  Many people continue to use the cultivation kits because of their ease of use and success.

If you are not sure which type of mushroom you would like to cultivate you can make a selection and then try another type later.   You may be like most mushroom lovers and find that you enjoy cultivating and eating several different types of mushrooms.

Don’t hesitate you can enjoy cultivating mushrooms today and enjoy the fruits of your labor in just a few short weeks.   The added flavor and texture of your home grown exotic mushrooms to your favorite dishes is sure to be rewarding.

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